Trail Camera Strategies by PSE’s Will Jenkins

Chuck Cooley:

A really great read for using and setting up your cams

Originally posted on PSE Archery Blog:

By Will Jenkins

There’s been a surge in Trail Camera interest, technology and options in the last few years. I started using them about 3 years ago. Recently a few friends and readers have come to me with questions about where and how to set cameras up since they were new to the game. I have 3 major strategies to the placement of trail cameras and you can hybridize them and they can all overlap but each provide a little bit different information about deer movement and identifying where your deer are.

Travel Routes: If you’d like to see when and which deer are using the travel routes through your properties, this should be in your arsenal of camera placement strategies. Look for game trails, find major entry or exits into a field or where they are crossing a road and follow them into the woods a good…

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About Chuck Cooley

I'm an Optician by trade for 25 years. I co-own a thriving practice in Ithaca NY; Classic Optical. I'm also a Professional Competitive archer in the NFAA. I absolutely live to see the joy on my families face, to spend time outdoors, and to live a peaceable and successful life in all I do.

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